How to Create a Sweet Business with your Bakery



             Creating a Sweet Business with your …




Provide the Right Atmosphere in your Bakery

Determine what demographic you are catering to:


  • If you are in a location with older generation groups then you want to place emphasis on having several tables with very friendly customer service. Also think about design and sounds. For this group you would perhaps to keep a dimlit place with soft music. Retirees will want to come in and stay for some time to read the newspaper, a book or just enjoy their mornings.


  • Now if you are working in a busy area then you want to aim your shop to be more of a stop-and-go kind of place. Customers can stop by to grab a pastry and coffee and leave to continue on with their day. With this atmosphere, you can keep the lighting bright and use light colors in your shop. Music and extra decor is not as important because these customers are coming for the product not the experience.


  • Another option is being by a younger, perhaps college, crowd.  Here you would want to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. People can come in to use the venue as a studying place, or friends will come to hang out or you may even find couples on casual dates. This will require a relaxing setting, wifi and you may want to add some couches or booths.


Whichever atmosphere you create, just remember to adjust it to the primary customers that you are serving. The atmosphere is mainly determined from the location of your bakery or shop.



Keeping your Business on Track


A bakery requires several key elements that will help run smooth operations;


  • inventory control

  • adaptability


  • employee management

  • sales reports


Acquire a POS software to handle all of these responsibilities for your bakery.  Save costs on efficiently using your inventory and knowing when to re-order. Introduce a new item or create a custom order through your point of sale system whenever you need to. Have employees clock in and out to easily track their times and pays. Lastly, analyze your financial reports to improve your business. You can see what items are doing well, at what time are you making the most sales at and what needs change.



How to Start a Bakery (Continued)

Here you go, the final 5 steps to opening your very own bakery!


6. Remodeling and purchasing of equipment would be the following step once you have all your ducks in a row. You can either finance or purchase equipment outright depending on your budget. A good option is to look for auctions for restaurants or bakeries that are closing or getting rid of their equipment. Craigslist and eBay are good sources for used equipment as well. Once everything is installed and remodeled you can have your final inspection.

7. Be sure to have everything in order for your inspection by finding out what they will be looking for and at and doing a self inspection prior. Once you have passed you can apply for the proper permits, such as food handlers.

8. After jumping through all the hoops and over the hurdles you start to see the finish line and are ready to start thinking of your marketing strategy. Time to design your promotional material and launch your website for your business. This might be the more fun part where you get to pick out your name and design your logo. A logo is important to your brand and can be placed on all your business materials such as business cards, labels, order forms, brochures, and of course your website.

9. Before your Grand Opening it is a good idea to let your neighbors and local community know. You can send out different materials such as press releases, flyers, signs. These tactics can also be used as you offer different services and specials.

10. It’s a great idea to build relationships with neighboring and local businesses as well. You can do different things to be an active part of your community such as charity events and chamber of commerce meetings. What better way to promote your delicious product that getting people to try it first hand. Bring or donate some of your cakes and pastries to any event you attend or are a part of.