Grow Your Business This Month with Creative Halloween Treat Ideas

The weeks proceeding any holiday are always among the busiest of the year for bakeries. Whether it’s an influx of catering orders for Halloween parties or customers just coming in looking for a festive lunchtime treat, bakery businesses see an influx of sales come the cooler weather months. Capitalize on this by serving up some of the most creative spooky treats we could find!

Halloween Bat Shaped Cookie


A bat-shaped Oreo like cookie that will be sure to put all your customers in a spooky mood.

Halloween Witches Hat Cookie


A traditional s’more molded into a non traditional yet festive treat. Sure to enchant all your customers and appealing decoratively as well.

Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake


A slightly oversized cupcake with an outer coat of frosting to make it look like a pumpkin. After all not much is more synonymous with Halloween than sweets and a pumpkin.

Halloween Cookie Monster Sandwhiches


The marshmallow eyes are what sets this spooky dessert apart. Sure to frighten your customers, but guaranteed to taste good enough to keep them running back for more.

Halloween Peanut Butter Eyeballs


Reese’s have proved that people love chocolate and peanut butter together. These eye-catching concoctions are sure to appeal to your customers sweet tooth’s.

Halloween Truffle Tarantulas


This spooky take on the truffle will be sure to have your customers scurrying back for more.

Halloween Witches Hats


This take on the witches hat consists of a shortbread cookie, a Hershey’s kiss, and a frosting bow and looks equally parts festive and delicious.

Halloween Pumpkin Fudge


Fudge has been a bakery staple for generations. This festive take actually will keep customers coming back all Autumn long for a tasty treat to pair with their pumpkin spice lattes.

Halloween Chocolate Ghost Cakes


Ghosts are as synonymous with Halloween costumes as chocolate is with Halloween candy so why not combine the two to create a treat that will surely become just as synonymous with Halloween as a whole.

Halloween Jack O Lantern Rice Krispy Treats


Turn the traditional rice krispy treat into the symbol most associated with Halloween around the globe, the Jack O’ Lantern.

Do you have any ideas for Halloween treats of your own? Leave a comment and share them below.

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