5 Ways to Make Your Bakery’s Cupcakes Rise Above the Rest

In the bakery industry there is no more popular an item than cupcakes. Cupcakes have been a bakery staple for generations, but with the market loaded with specialty cupcake shops bakers are struggling to make their cupcakes stand out from the rest. Here’s 5 ways to make your bakery’s cupcakes rise above the rest.


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  1. Never Over-bake

If you over-bake a cupcake, even slightly, there’s no way to save it and it definitely will not be moist on the inside. So bakers should always err towards under-baking cupcakes as a result. Ideally your cupcakes will look slightly sunken when they’re done rather than peaked.


  1. Experiment with flavors and colors

Once you have mastered a particular recipe you can begin experimenting with colors and flavors to add a personal signature to your cupcakes. Whether your favorite flavors are pineapple or cheery try incorporating them into both the cupcake and icing. You could also combine flavors to make something truly unique, a pina colada cupcake perhaps. You could even try filling your cupcakes with a unique flavor combination.


  1. Flavor Fillings

Fillings aren’t just for donuts anymore. In fact jams, custards, creams, or even an extra helping of icing can be exactly what your cupcake has been lacking. You can use a cupcake corer or a decorating bag and tip to inject even more of the scrumptious stuff into your cupcake.


  1. Top Them Off

After all it is not the decoration that makes the cupcake. In spite of looking prettier no one really wants to eat a cupcake that looks like an overdone gingerbread house. Keeping it simple with colorful sprinkles, flowers, bows, chocolate balls, or even a piece of fresh fruit like a strawberry, will fulfill all your cupcakes needs.


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  1. Display Matters

To ensure your cupcakes rise above the rest find creative and unique ways to arrange and display them in your bakery. You may want to stack your cupcakes on a tiered plate or fit them perfectly into a cupcake tree. Here decorations like bows, ribbon, and confetti can be exactly what you need to compliment your edible works of art.


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